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3D MODEL EXTERIOR VOL 05 consists of 302 exterior scenes from construction projects all over the world. 

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in Photoshop.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 2GB (4GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 40.9 GB in 302 files (.rar). 

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d models, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains:

  •  Shopping centres
  •  Office buildings
  •  Villages
  •  Gardens
  •  Landscape 
  •  Premium apartments
  •  Planning projects
  •  Stadiums
  •  Restaurant
  •  Hotels
  •  SPA
  •  Exhibitions building
  •  Resort

… and lots of other 3d models exterior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  *.psd

 photo NEW1_zps66232604.jpg  photo NEW2_zps12570453.jpg  photo NEW3_zps3d15ee1a.jpg  photo NEW4_zpsc7171f6a.jpg  photo NEW5_zps7df32232.jpg  photo NEW6_zps681f0f70.jpg  photo NEW7_zpsc9dcd697.jpg  photo NEW8_zpsd84768eb.jpg  photo NEW9_zps6747d6a6.jpg  photo NEW10_zps798dc51a.jpg  photo NEW11_zps368b2999.jpg  photo NEW12_zps08e285a6.jpg  photo NEW13_zps70da0296.jpg  photo NEW14_zps37acfcb3.jpg  photo NEW15_zpsd939fb39.jpg  photo NEW16_zps333d3ae9.jpg  photo NEW17_zpsb4bb3983.jpg  photo NEW18_zps7d1abf4e.jpg  photo NEW19_zps57e1519c.jpg  photo NEW20_zpsc668dbfd.jpg  photo NEW21_zps24a28646.jpg  photo NEW22_zps98a2bd7a.jpg  photo NEW23_zpsb5e11b7c.jpg  photo NEW24_zpsea13a7ec.jpg  photo NEW25_zpsa4da6647.jpg  photo NEW26_zps57b00d78.jpg  photo NEW27_zpsfd4c487a.jpg  photo NEW28_zps3acbd07f.jpg  photo NEW29_zpsfc9f53bc.jpg  photo NEW30_zpsc22c2529.jpg  photo NEW31_zps2e5550d6.jpg  photo NEW32_zpse8732f47.jpg  photo NEW33_zpsf1e80111.jpg  photo NEW34_zps7ee67d73.jpg  photo NEW35_zps5ef8b8d4.jpg  photo NEW36_zps378f5f38.jpg  photo NEW37_zps7dfbbe9b.jpg  photo NEW38_zps010521dd.jpg  photo NEW39_zps2ffa525f.jpg  photo NEW40_zpsf6e47ccf.jpg  photo NEW41_zps4822282f.jpg  photo NEW42_zpsc86ef03c.jpg  photo NEW43_zpsd0b691c1.jpg  photo NEW44_zpsf8258e45.jpg  photo NEW45_zpse936b3f7.jpg  photo NEW46_zps6bde12da.jpg  photo NEW47_zps585820cc.jpg  photo NEW48_zps86a204b3.jpg  photo NEW49_zps2e409b48.jpg  photo NEW50_zps54f882f3.jpg  photo NEW51_zps5fa85e6f.jpg  photo NEW52_zpsbaf4622f.jpg  photo NEW53_zps84c2818b.jpg  photo NEW54_zps37af9e3d.jpg  photo NEW55_zps467cf1cb.jpg  photo NEW56_zpsb880a89d.jpg  photo NEW57_zps73ab1473.jpg  photo NEW58_zpsc2b30c9c.jpg  photo NEW59_zpsa4cf5adc.jpg  photo NEW60_zpsf42ab6b7.jpg  photo NEW61_zps99c02661.jpg  photo NEW62_zpsa62a77cb.jpg  photo NEW63_zpsb4398651.jpg  photo NEW64_zpsceedab6a.jpg  photo NEW65_zps50330d58.jpg  photo NEW66_zps8c85cf3c.jpg  photo NEW67_zpsd9d56dc0.jpg  photo NEW68_zpsccefade9.jpg  photo NEW69_zpsaf233afb.jpg  photo NEW70_zpsc4855caf.jpg  photo NEW71_zps9c86e083.jpg  photo NEW72_zps0b9ff19a.jpg  photo NEW73_zpsafd8a805.jpg  photo NEW74_zps178f4356.jpg  photo NEW75_zps42f04ccd.jpg  photo NEW76_zps45b77a5e.jpg  photo NEW77_zpscf23c25c.jpg  photo NEW78_zps5861654a.jpg  photo NEW79_zpsd3e04606.jpg  photo NEW80_zps855b3e28.jpg  photo NEW81_zps93aad35c.jpg  photo NEW82_zps2d5d2b43.jpg  photo NEW83_zpsb40fa241.jpg  photo NEW84_zpse7c830db.jpg  photo NEW85_zps14f1fcae.jpg  photo NEW86_zpsde8c9687.jpg  photo NEW87_zps2c52a3ed.jpg  photo NEW88_zpsb29de162.jpg  photo NEW89_zps8d1f3791.jpg  photo NEW90_zps82237e66.jpg  photo NEW91_zpse76144be.jpg  photo NEW92_zpsf5d2a947.jpg  photo NEW93_zps04349bff.jpg  photo NEW94_zps16fc2baf.jpg  photo NEW95_zps1f1f10d8.jpg  photo NEW96_zpsb7df1993.jpg  photo NEW97_zps37b471bf.jpg  photo NEW98_zps509fdf65.jpg  photo NEW99_zps7f38247d.jpg  photo NEW100_zps70850131.jpg