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3D MODEL EXTERIOR VOL 05 consists of 302 exterior scenes from construction projects all over the world. 

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in Photoshop.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 2GB (4GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 40.9 GB in 302 files (.rar). 

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d models, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains:

  •  Shopping centres
  •  Office buildings
  •  Villages
  •  Gardens
  •  Landscape 
  •  Premium apartments
  •  Planning projects
  •  Stadiums
  •  Restaurant
  •  Hotels
  •  SPA
  •  Exhibitions building
  •  Resort

… and lots of other 3d models exterior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  *.psd

 photo NEW101_zps34dfe7d3.jpg  photo NEW102_zps9edd0b4a.jpg  photo NEW103_zpsfe98f024.jpg  photo NEW104_zps107614ea.jpg  photo NEW105_zps3869792b.jpg  photo NEW106_zps9f02caa3.jpg  photo NEW107_zps3c673112.jpg  photo NEW108_zps36ae58c7.jpg  photo NEW109_zpsed155076.jpg  photo NEW110_zpsdf7ac52e.jpg  photo NEW111_zpsf29a33d5.jpg  photo NEW112_zps28722cb3.jpg  photo NEW113_zps228b3b70.jpg  photo NEW114_zps3680ff2f.jpg  photo NEW115_zpsac7d1edb.jpg  photo NEW116_zpseb1f388e.jpg  photo NEW117_zps8b2eaeaa.jpg  photo NEW118_zps9003c071.jpg  photo NEW119_zps27214ea6.jpg  photo NEW120_zpsda00cdee.jpg  photo NEW121_zpsa9b0ef71.jpg  photo NEW122_zps96b7a740.jpg  photo NEW123_zpsed099a9d.jpg  photo NEW124_zpsdee9b3b9.jpg  photo NEW125_zpsce25673c.jpg  photo NEW126_zps2fb9b8b9.jpg  photo NEW127_zpsf1d58834.jpg  photo NEW128_zps23752c94.jpg  photo NEW129_zps66806d69.jpg  photo NEW130_zpse1962dad.jpg  photo NEW131_zps0c040c45.jpg  photo NEW132_zps2e5fd968.jpg  photo NEW133_zps936e3385.jpg  photo NEW134_zps39586798.jpg  photo NEW135_zpsd0ba29da.jpg  photo NEW136_zps5379da14.jpg  photo NEW137_zpsba51bfc9.jpg  photo NEW138_zps2b4f3f3a.jpg  photo NEW139_zps4c636c27.jpg  photo NEW140_zpsf699e5fb.jpg  photo NEW141_zps1261abf2.jpg  photo NEW142_zpsb33248bf.jpg  photo NEW143_zps0f4516ed.jpg  photo NEW144_zpsec505dd9.jpg  photo NEW145_zpse59f4faa.jpg  photo NEW146_zpsd61a94ad.jpg  photo NEW147_zpsed531e4a.jpg  photo NEW148_zps780be63e.jpg  photo NEW149_zps31bed324.jpg  photo NEW150_zpsc3caf9c7.jpg  photo NEW151_zpsb7d83f94.jpg  photo NEW152_zpsa7b66b34.jpg  photo NEW153_zpsdd94cc22.jpg  photo NEW154_zps2ab4aa34.jpg  photo NEW155_zpsf8b7ff91.jpg  photo NEW156_zps0155282e.jpg  photo NEW157_zps391dcd99.jpg  photo NEW158_zpsceb2f305.jpg  photo NEW159_zpsac4b87ed.jpg  photo NEW160_zps7c625426.jpg  photo NEW161_zps73164f4d.jpg  photo NEW162_zpsa6fd6e8c.jpg  photo NEW163_zps9b7ebf94.jpg  photo NEW164_zps8afd5966.jpg  photo NEW165_zpsf57fbb0d.jpg  photo NEW166_zps1e3f5fc7.jpg  photo NEW167_zpsf082069b.jpg  photo NEW168_zps4f8acb8b.jpg  photo NEW169_zps3e5fe807.jpg  photo NEW170_zpsf2aed52d.jpg  photo NEW171_zpsbb520e74.jpg  photo NEW172_zps390f31b4.jpg  photo NEW173_zps25dddd0e.jpg  photo NEW174_zps4524fdb5.jpg  photo NEW175_zpsbbd1b732.jpg  photo NEW176_zps4a099f6b.jpg  photo NEW177_zpsb0d53dcd.jpg  photo NEW178_zps3726e967.jpg  photo NEW179_zps39450dfc.jpg  photo NEW180_zpsb813e287.jpg  photo NEW181_zpsc3bb266d.jpg  photo NEW182_zps10524f9f.jpg  photo NEW183_zpsa7bdfa1c.jpg  photo NEW184_zps31017935.jpg  photo NEW185_zps8c1e8ee6.jpg  photo NEW186_zpsfb269407.jpg  photo NEW187_zps58194c14.jpg  photo NEW188_zpsce7f68d2.jpg  photo NEW189_zps839d4dab.jpg  photo NEW190_zpsae1f3434.jpg  photo NEW191_zps84ae8691.jpg  photo NEW192_zps7dcdcf88.jpg  photo NEW193_zpsf86bf80f.jpg  photo NEW194_zps657837b5.jpg  photo NEW195_zps89658108.jpg  photo NEW196_zpscd0a4513.jpg  photo NEW197_zpsf94b01aa.jpg  photo NEW198_zpsd3aaa4a1.jpg  photo NEW199_zps9d574db8.jpg  photo NEW200_zpsa8ad9213.jpg