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3D MODEL INTERIOR VOL 11 consists of 814 interior scenes with various designs and styles.

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Consists of 709 fully modeled and textured 3d models interiors with complete lighting and cameras setups for every scene. 

   All presented renders are with postproduction.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 4GB (8GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 16.7 GB in 709 files (.rar). 

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d model, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains:

… and lots of other interior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
  •  *.max (3ds Max 2009, 2012 or higher, 3DS MAX 2012 64bit recommended)

European & American Style 02
 photo B101_zps855027e0.jpg  photo B102_zpsc71ddf3c.jpg  photo B103_zps4797665f.jpg  photo B104_zpsd84a999c.jpg  photo B105_zpsd5b80fc0.jpg  photo B106_zps6fcc9f0d.jpg  photo B107_zps01749045.jpg  photo B108_zps2a82d086.jpg  photo B109_zps3bde4891.jpg  photo B110_zpsa34cba52.jpg  photo B111_zps938348d7.jpg  photo B112_zps98f3dc53.jpg  photo B113_zps97019f16.jpg  photo B114_zps9c694bc4.jpg  photo B115_zpsae809e8d.jpg  photo B116_zps292a284d.jpg  photo B117_zps8ee0e3f1.jpg  photo B118_zps8124605d.jpg  photo B119_zpsd29aa369.jpg  photo B120_zps793c2290.jpg  photo B121_zpsa42f16bd.jpg  photo B122_zps35b0f89a.jpg  photo B123_zps0ad7024c.jpg  photo B124_zpsd8e5155a.jpg  photo B125_zps44ac049d.jpg  photo B126_zps6100f466.jpg  photo B127_zps9fd2aa7d.jpg  photo B128_zps2216e24e.jpg  photo B129_zps197c08e4.jpg  photo B130_zps91c9ccb6.jpg  photo B131_zps0d9a455d.jpg  photo B132_zpse0c0633b.jpg  photo B133_zps8178359b.jpg  photo B134_zps356c1448.jpg  photo B135_zps7ad08a0a.jpg  photo B136_zps5cc6a286.jpg  photo B137_zps4b70ec27.jpg  photo B138_zps9543a88c.jpg  photo B139_zps9775a704.jpg  photo B140_zps96290d05.jpg  photo B141_zpsbb854d56.jpg  photo B142_zps6c62a118.jpg  photo B143_zps008df7f8.jpg  photo B144_zps6d3edb4e.jpg  photo B145_zpse681273b.jpg  photo B146_zpsd694169d.jpg  photo B147_zps7438ea33.jpg  photo B148_zpsd1f25dc1.jpg  photo B149_zps712283c2.jpg  photo B150_zps08a6bbcf.jpg  photo B151_zps6c3c34cc.jpg  photo B152_zpsd7749289.jpg  photo B153_zps0b044107.jpg  photo B154_zps3ed2a57f.jpg  photo B155_zps71d02b22.jpg  photo B156_zps31b7b5bf.jpg  photo B157_zps0ff44ef7.jpg  photo B158_zps2bb4af60.jpg  photo B159_zps97a9cdeb.jpg  photo B160_zps75188e02.jpg  photo B161_zps8d38b473.jpg  photo B162_zps9fb09b8b.jpg  photo B163_zpsf29100e0.jpg  photo B164_zps1b60012c.jpg  photo B165_zps9fac09c7.jpg  photo B166_zps06911891.jpg  photo B167_zps68095837.jpg  photo B168_zps3caaf63f.jpg  photo B169_zpse2ea9229.jpg  photo B170_zps194452c5.jpg  photo B171_zps6317bcd0.jpg  photo B172_zpse630b80b.jpg  photo B173_zps9373c67b.jpg  photo B174_zps212e9426.jpg  photo B175_zpsb7a4f5dd.jpg  photo B176_zps4c5238f4.jpg  photo B177_zps4abb1f4c.jpg  photo B178_zps5fc79d14.jpg  photo B179_zpsdd952af7.jpg  photo B180_zpsc6fb6802.jpg  photo B181_zpsc3a0e3fb.jpg  photo B182_zps57e22d11.jpg  photo B183_zps065b910c.jpg  photo B184_zpsff153122.jpg  photo B185_zps60249271.jpg  photo B186_zps0c4ae865.jpg  photo B187_zps3576a9f8.jpg  photo B188_zps3c2f61ec.jpg  photo B189_zps2a5d4d82.jpg  photo B190_zpsca60b485.jpg  photo B191_zpsa1a0d225.jpg  photo B192_zpsb5dfcb82.jpg  photo B193_zpsa81f3968.jpg  photo B194_zps7185170a.jpg