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3D MODEL INTERIOR VOL 11 consists of 814 interior scenes with various designs and styles.

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Consists of 709 fully modeled and textured 3d models interiors with complete lighting and cameras setups for every scene. 

   All presented renders are with postproduction.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 4GB (8GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 16.7 GB in 709 files (.rar). 

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d model, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains:

… and lots of other interior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
  •  *.max (3ds Max 2009, 2012 or higher, 3DS MAX 2012 64bit recommended)

Office & Sales Office
 photo F1_zps23c5debd.jpg  photo F2_zpsc7a5baf7.jpg  photo F3_zpsa342c989.jpg  photo F4_zpse966a42f.jpg  photo F5_zpsc4b3ef6d.jpg  photo F6_zps9ec56f57.jpg  photo F7_zps5f7552d2.jpg  photo F8_zps881148f2.jpg  photo F9_zpsab2c0234.jpg  photo F10_zpsf5907bd0.jpg  photo F11_zps88bce47d.jpg  photo F12_zpsa442fbb9.jpg  photo F13_zpse2b0c5a3.jpg  photo F14_zpsd93da688.jpg  photo F15_zps531f77fe.jpg  photo F16_zps7f40d98f.jpg  photo F17_zps1059bd8b.jpg  photo F18_zpsc6f97e1e.jpg  photo F19_zpsc25ae564.jpg  photo F20_zpsd9415869.jpg  photo F21_zps4c516bd8.jpg  photo F22_zps66ffb304.jpg  photo F23_zps8a245bed.jpg  photo F24_zps5afe6143.jpg  photo F25_zpsb25a192a.jpg  photo F26_zps1c189689.jpg  photo F27_zpsf9ffe03a.jpg  photo F28_zpsf413ca82.jpg  photo F29_zpsed52720d.jpg  photo F30_zps04ac3777.jpg  photo F31_zpsda16ddf5.jpg  photo F32_zps073b6f3a.jpg  photo F33_zps0ba9d9ef.jpg  photo F34_zps1d427c6c.jpg  photo F35_zpse5a38fa2.jpg  photo F36_zps593b4c36.jpg  photo F37_zps43b5b4d2.jpg  photo F38_zpsd283ef45.jpg  photo F39_zps7255569a.jpg  photo F40_zps94cbd95b.jpg  photo F41_zps3e674b16.jpg  photo F42_zpsbbc3cdee.jpg  photo F43_zps2190a29e.jpg  photo F44_zpsb318a04c.jpg  photo F45_zps2cb2c02b.jpg  photo F46_zpsda37b04f.jpg  photo F47_zpse644dca0.jpg  photo F48_zpse28c1651.jpg  photo F49_zpsd49ac8fc.jpg  photo F50_zps291a09b4.jpg  photo F51_zpsb45a813a.jpg  photo F52_zpsef92ca8b.jpg  photo F53_zpsc32f90d3.jpg  photo F54_zpsae303311.jpg  photo F55_zpsda8634a3.jpg  photo F56_zps0a1f8d02.jpg  photo F57_zps639e96e0.jpg  photo F58_zpsce928edb.jpg  photo F59_zpsc246a329.jpg  photo F60_zps1c038841.jpg  photo F61_zps5771b4e8.jpg  photo F62_zpsbf136bfb.jpg  photo F63_zps2ed6d4cc.jpg  photo G1_zps2ad8e4e6.jpg  photo G2_zpsd2e9cac1.jpg  photo G3_zpsde617f2f.jpg  photo G4_zps076c89c3.jpg  photo G5_zps83f06e13.jpg  photo G6_zpse9f5e385.jpg  photo G7_zps6689608c.jpg  photo G8_zps6a46e302.jpg  photo G9_zpsca9c7180.jpg  photo G10_zps3ee104eb.jpg  photo G11_zps546501e3.jpg  photo G12_zps8bb264ae.jpg  photo G13_zpsadda242e.jpg  photo G14_zpsacabfecb.jpg  photo G15_zps681fd84f.jpg  photo G16_zpsee865cb3.jpg  photo G17_zps01994722.jpg  photo G18_zps3d140079.jpg  photo G19_zpse386ce4c.jpg  photo G20_zps0190d936.jpg  photo G21_zps172b21ae.jpg