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3DARCINTERIOR VOL 18 consists of 883 interior scenes with various designs and styles.

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Consists of 800 fully modeled and textured 3d model interiors with complete lighting and cameras setups for every scene. 

   All presented renders are with postproduction.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 4GB (8GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 34.2 GB in 800 files (.rar) (Unrar : 167.7 GB).

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d models, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains :

1 - Living Room

2 - Living & Dining Rooms :

3 - Bedroom :

4 - Dining Rooms : CLICK TO PAGE 13

5 - Kitchens : CLICK TO PAGE 14

6 - Bathrooms : CLICK TO PAGE 15

7 - Study : CLICK TO PAGE 16

8 - Other : CLICK TO PAGE 17

  •  Hallway
  •  Children Room
  •  Tearoom
  •  Dressing Room
  •  Home Cinema
  •  Billiard Room
  •  Playroom
  •  Reception Room
  •  Balcony

… and lots of other interior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
  •  *.max (3ds Max 2010 or higher, 3DS MAX 2012 64bit recommended)

 photo 17-Hallway 1_zpsfmsfpvny.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 2_zpsa8zbd3ld.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 3_zpsgphfv25f.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 4_zpswwnfox4n.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 5_zpsiu9oebjp.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 6_zpsh30ltmwc.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 7_zpsg0rsln2c.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 8_zpsicblowu2.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 9_zpsuhbqjd9x.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 10_zpshurvlpyd.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 11_zpsnmb3r4lw.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 12_zpsqo3nylac.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 13_zps1ib9qz5g.jpg  photo 17-Hallway 14_zpssr1hpawu.jpg
 photo 18-Children Room 1_zpsnap22cap.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 2_zpsz5ylblfh.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 3_zpswanecuoh.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 4_zpsnabzjjpe.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 5_zpssdgsctd2.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 6_zpsjko8od92.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 7_zps49cn10dn.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 8_zpsw0nltinq.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 9_zpst1jlsde6.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 10_zpsdiyvnngt.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 11_zpsjmwjcbkg.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 12_zpsyo8lnbzd.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 13_zpsafljwdve.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 14_zpslhujzwrw.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 15_zpsk14zzn8e.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 16_zpstliubzyh.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 17_zpssy3vltnb.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 18_zpsxmlgb1kt.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 19_zpstas8cqji.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 20_zpsecqwspxl.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 21_zps7ogltmnp.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 22_zpsgi5qpdwt.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 23_zpsvo8uxkzm.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 24_zpszem93gon.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 25_zpsm7zsvyf0.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 26_zpssrevatet.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 27_zpsi8cmhsej.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 28_zpsay6qijzm.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 29_zpsog7nkxmt.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 30_zpsuxgceq7n.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 31_zps3d36jrlk.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 32_zpseer9vi6n.jpg  photo 18-Children Room 33_zps87kuqbzz.jpg
 photo 19-Tearoom 1_zpsu86ew134.jpg  photo 19-Tearoom 2_zpsoykgwtoy.jpg  photo 19-Tearoom 3_zpsxnpuf0sp.jpg  photo 19-Tearoom 4_zpsxj0dpaey.jpg  photo 19-Tearoom 5_zpsy7uoz1as.jpg  photo 19-Tearoom 6_zps1wbcyqik.jpg  photo 19-Tearoom 7_zpsznouv1dp.jpg
 photo 20-Dressing Room 1_zpsmptlavcp.jpg  photo 20-Dressing Room 2_zpswdsoqo9b.jpg  photo 20-Dressing Room 3_zps9b5b1shh.jpg  photo 20-Dressing Room 4_zpsivndxend.jpg  photo 20-Dressing Room 5_zpsath0kwkb.jpg  photo 20-Dressing Room 6_zpslt3lrs88.jpg
 photo 21-Home Cinema 1_zpscqj7xbh3.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 2_zpstxq1fetw.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 3_zpsmxrof7fp.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 4_zpsscjhh8ql.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 5_zpsh5gudgfe.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 6_zpsl3ahlavz.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 7_zps53vwzss6.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 8_zpsyn7jygbu.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 9_zpsljevc8ux.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 10_zpsh5ff3ghf.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 11_zpsgeqthyoh.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 12_zpsxq7atfrc.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 13_zpshxmagr8u.jpg  photo 21-Home Cinema 14_zpsinb5geu6.jpg
 photo 22-Billiard Room 1_zpslji5wgkv.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 2_zpslrc2wunk.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 3_zpsskdueq53.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 4_zpsredcc3bx.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 5_zpsivms0lbl.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 6_zpstmrsuxnb.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 7_zpsmzlcli2x.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 8_zpsilhbkoyq.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 9_zps2gev7awc.jpg  photo 22-Billiard Room 10_zps5zpahhtm.jpg
 photo 23-Playroom 1_zpsfp431mm7.jpg  photo 23-Playroom 2_zpsuexbjdaa.jpg  photo 23-Playroom 3_zpsyhz1yhhd.jpg  photo 23-Playroom 4_zps845anocj.jpg  photo 23-Playroom 5_zpsfl535wms.jpg  photo 23-Playroom 6_zpsh5db4yeq.jpg  photo 23-Playroom 7_zps8sdparkc.jpg  photo 23-Playroom 8_zpsr3dpd1wy.jpg
 photo 24-Reception Room 1_zpsr3dp6yp6.jpg  photo 24-Reception Room 2_zpsl74dyqoz.jpg  photo 24-Reception Room 3_zpsb3alcg4v.jpg  photo 24-Reception Room 4_zpsjyg0zx2l.jpg  photo 24-Reception Room 5_zpsy7yabggm.jpg  photo 24-Reception Room 6_zpsucv3rimz.jpg  photo 24-Reception Room 7_zpsms96fpg3.jpg  photo 24-Reception Room 8_zpsspkzp9g3.jpg  photo 24-Reception Room 9_zpsifzrvbti.jpg
 photo 25-Balcony 1_zpsaapo698a.jpg  photo 25-Balcony 2_zpsggeajiir.jpg  photo 25-Balcony 3_zpsyvpyl9o8.jpg  photo 25-Balcony 4_zpsxtgjqiaz.jpg  photo 25-Balcony 5_zpse6j8h94g.jpg