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3DARCINTERIOR VOL 20 consists of 1054 interior scenes with various designs and styles.

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Consists of 1001 fully modeled and textured 3d model interiors with complete lighting and cameras setups for every scene. 

   All presented renders are with postproduction.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 4GB (8GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 34.3 GB in 1001 files (.rar) (Unrar : 186 GB).

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d models, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains :

1 - Living Room (493 files) : 

2 - Kitchen & Dining Room (119 files) CLICK TO PAGE 09

3 - Bedroom (222 files) :

4 - Bathrooms (34 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 14

5 - Study (62 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 15

6 - Other (71 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 16

… and lots of other interior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
  •  *.max (3ds Max 2010 or higher, 3DS MAX 2012 64bit recommended)

BEDROOM - Chinese & European & American Style
 photo 03-C001-Chinese Style_zpsr2qlwsik.jpg  photo 03-C002-Chinese Style_zpsklterhg4.jpg  photo 03-C003-Chinese Style_zpsw2mzllyb.jpg  photo 03-C004-Chinese Style_zpszxqcwnmw.jpg  photo 03-C005-Chinese Style_zpsocxmh79a.jpg  photo 03-C006-Chinese Style_zpskj2sdzzt.jpg  photo 03-C007-Chinese Style_zpsrau5mk1v.jpg  photo 03-C008-Chinese Style_zps3ruwunvk.jpg  photo 03-C009-Chinese Style_zps5qoenjn4.jpg  photo 03-C010-Chinese Style_zpsgvfltrfa.jpg  photo 03-C011-Chinese Style_zpsqaojk7op.jpg  photo 03-C012-Chinese Style_zpszfcrmbhc.jpg  photo 03-C013-Chinese Style_zpsipytfryk.jpg  photo 03-C014-Chinese Style_zpscts0hchm.jpg  photo 03-C015-Chinese Style_zpsmiereycx.jpg  photo 03-C016-Chinese Style_zpsqyoammbc.jpg  photo 03-C017-Chinese Style_zpszzsxqnb3.jpg  photo 03-C018-Chinese Style_zps6wshc5eq.jpg  photo 03-C019-Chinese Style_zps4k7izvoz.jpg  photo 03-C020-Chinese Style_zpsongs4dww.jpg  photo 03-C021-Chinese Style_zpshacinw2j.jpg  photo 03-C022-Chinese Style_zpsm6gqvbqw.jpg  photo 03-C023-Chinese Style_zpsf3w8ltfc.jpg  photo 03-C024-Chinese Style_zpsaq7pep4v.jpg  photo 03-C025-Chinese Style_zpsrs0vg8rv.jpg  photo 03-C026-Chinese Style_zpsxpsjjghk.jpg  photo 03-C027-Chinese Style_zpspqguh9aw.jpg  photo 03-C028-Chinese Style_zpsdve7fqs7.jpg  photo 03-C029-Chinese Style_zpsykwneh3y.jpg  photo 03-D001-European Style_zpsqimqmgso.jpg  photo 03-D002-European Style_zpssrqyacbs.jpg  photo 03-D003-European Style_zpsfcpvk7f2.jpg  photo 03-D004-European Style_zpsdk4iwsve.jpg  photo 03-D005-European Style_zpsyfpmh3ih.jpg  photo 03-D006-European Style_zpsirraua3x.jpg  photo 03-D007-European Style_zpssnrhupmf.jpg  photo 03-D008-European Style_zps2h863tis.jpg  photo 03-D009-European Style_zpsqhlsy2br.jpg  photo 03-D010-European Style_zps19k4a3oq.jpg  photo 03-D011-European Style_zps7vaoqgvp.jpg  photo 03-D012-European Style_zps3rkuxkqp.jpg  photo 03-D013-European Style_zpseiub2jnt.jpg  photo 03-D014-European Style_zpsw369emrp.jpg  photo 03-D015-European Style_zpsnmnh8ghe.jpg  photo 03-D016-European Style_zps7vjitfk8.jpg  photo 03-D017-European Style_zps2bfuua1m.jpg  photo 03-D018-European Style_zpsvbfxeabi.jpg  photo 03-D019-European Style_zpsmkpttczc.jpg  photo 03-D020-European Style_zpshr65azge.jpg  photo 03-D021-European Style_zpslsl66agj.jpg  photo 03-D022-European Style_zpsqhxh7ekn.jpg  photo 03-D023-European Style_zpsk1qphze0.jpg  photo 03-D024-European Style_zps6jzpjikj.jpg  photo 03-D025-European Style_zpsfn2dizxl.jpg  photo 03-D026-European Style_zpsjk7ka3re.jpg  photo 03-D027-European Style_zpsjwsmmzbt.jpg  photo 03-D028-European Style_zps9giwwoss.jpg  photo 03-D029-European Style_zpsbkond1av.jpg  photo 03-D030-European Style_zpsndtawlgv.jpg  photo 03-D031-European Style_zps5gdf1h9f.jpg  photo 03-D032-European Style_zpsw2vttisg.jpg  photo 03-E001-American Style_zps950iuwzw.jpg  photo 03-E002-American Style_zps2ucdhgpk.jpg  photo 03-E003-American Style_zpshp4ueqn1.jpg  photo 03-E004-American Style_zps4wuybdum.jpg  photo 03-E005-American Style_zpsngtl5v07.jpg  photo 03-E006-American Style_zpsybhknwrv.jpg  photo 03-E007-American Style_zpsiuua4vks.jpg  photo 03-E008-American Style_zpsxxlu4gcw.jpg  photo 03-E009-American Style_zpsp02icwwt.jpg  photo 03-E010-American Style_zpsv4ieg8t3.jpg