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3DARCINTERIOR VOL 21 consists of 892 interior scenes with various designs and styles.

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Consists of 728 fully modeled and textured 3d model interiors with complete lighting and cameras setups for every scene. 

   All presented renders are with postproduction.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 4GB (8GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 20.6 GB in 728 files (.rar) (Unrar : 130 GB).

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d models, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains :
01 - Sales Offices (16 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 01
02 - Offices - Meeting - Reception (113 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 02
03 - Restaurants (48 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 03

04 - Restaurants - Cafe - Teahouse (113 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 04

05 - Suites Hotel (81 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 05

06 - Reception Hall (76 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 06

07 - Elevators & Corridor (30 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 07

08 - Shop (31 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 08

09 - KTV - Bar - Sauna (128 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 09

10 - Club (36 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 10

11 - Other (56 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 11

… and lots of other interior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
  •  *.max (3ds Max 2010 or higher, 3DS MAX 2016 64bit recommended)

02 - Offices - Meeting - Reception (113)
 photo 02-A001-Modern Style1_zpskwj9phjl.jpg  photo 02-A001-Modern Style_zpshfy7ugdj.jpg  photo 02-A002-Modern Style_zpshnoupzuz.jpg  photo 02-A003-Modern Style_zpst7sedonq.jpg  photo 02-A004-Modern Style_zps6dmts33j.jpg  photo 02-A005-Modern Style_zpsq65ruybb.jpg  photo 02-A006-Modern Style1_zpstrrupvtr.jpg  photo 02-A006-Modern Style2_zps4vjw94pf.jpg  photo 02-A006-Modern Style_zpsgkpyjxo3.jpg  photo 02-A007-Modern Style_zpsqquubkxe.jpg  photo 02-A008-Modern Style_zpsf9ypxf6o.jpg  photo 02-A009-Modern Style_zpsh1qehnri.jpg  photo 02-A010-Modern Style1_zpsbl6p9n0c.jpg  photo 02-A010-Modern Style2_zps2mcq6by3.jpg  photo 02-A010-Modern Style3_zps7nhws4e4.jpg  photo 02-A010-Modern Style4_zpsdxujq5ph.jpg  photo 02-A010-Modern Style_zpsln8lnzjv.jpg  photo 02-A011-Modern Style1_zpswroj8ify.jpg  photo 02-A011-Modern Style_zpsi3ilotrb.jpg  photo 02-A012-Modern Style_zpsqcdatw94.jpg  photo 02-A013-Modern Style_zps0ckqqm7h.jpg  photo 02-A014-Modern Style1_zps8r1ljbnj.jpg  photo 02-A014-Modern Style_zpssfb7usjd.jpg  photo 02-A015-Modern Style1_zps674xngir.jpg  photo 02-A015-Modern Style_zpsdhv4rzd1.jpg  photo 02-A016-Modern Style_zpsfvsr1rek.jpg  photo 02-A017-Modern Style_zpsauatzbc4.jpg  photo 02-A018-Modern Style1_zpshdzxrwoq.jpg  photo 02-A018-Modern Style_zps57x2uhz7.jpg  photo 02-A019-Modern Style_zpswiojxbpb.jpg  photo 02-A020-Modern Style_zpsalewsdjh.jpg  photo 02-A021-Modern Style_zpsxxk3gatc.jpg  photo 02-A022-Modern Style_zpsxxczj86j.jpg  photo 02-A023-Modern Style_zpsvc2xpm2b.jpg  photo 02-A024-Modern Style_zps6vqeo1ut.jpg  photo 02-A025-Modern Style_zpsttgkqp7b.jpg  photo 02-A026-Modern Style_zpswqjrsl4b.jpg  photo 02-A027-Modern Style_zpshot4fcts.jpg  photo 02-A028-Modern Style_zpsxnag7jmh.jpg  photo 02-A029-Modern Style_zpshlnm4rhx.jpg  photo 02-A030-Modern Style_zpsnkwn6a1g.jpg  photo 02-A031-Modern Style_zps5cg6vlbh.jpg  photo 02-A032-Modern Style_zpsjnjzwim5.jpg  photo 02-A033-Modern Style_zpslsfajpqd.jpg  photo 02-A034-Modern Style_zps8bngquxy.jpg  photo 02-A035-Modern Style_zpsntxxaioa.jpg  photo 02-A036-Modern Style_zpsh8okl1qs.jpg  photo 02-A037-Modern Style_zpsibqqcpux.jpg  photo 02-A038-Modern Style_zpszjzoebmi.jpg  photo 02-A039-Modern Style_zpsahbzwxni.jpg  photo 02-A040-Modern Style1_zpsbzez9h2b.jpg  photo 02-A040-Modern Style_zpstnhortqo.jpg  photo 02-A041-Modern Style_zpsuvourx3c.jpg  photo 02-A042-Modern Style_zpsfrdg1y8l.jpg  photo 02-A043-Modern Style_zpsgp9epbb9.jpg  photo 02-A044-Modern Style_zpsakifrzf4.jpg  photo 02-A045-Modern Style_zps0zddllrg.jpg  photo 02-A046-Modern Style_zpsb628jbtj.jpg  photo 02-A047-Modern Style_zpsvj0fmqex.jpg  photo 02-A048-Modern Style_zps8iul1svz.jpg  photo 02-A049-Modern Style_zpstqotkmkj.jpg  photo 02-A050-Modern Style_zpsp6jbilfm.jpg  photo 02-A051-Modern Style_zpsfymis45v.jpg  photo 02-A053-Modern Style_zpsi3mpajxf.jpg  photo 02-A054-Modern Style_zpsrf94aclj.jpg  photo 02-A055-Modern Style_zpsxe3zaunt.jpg  photo 02-A056-Modern Style_zpsjpu7ahdg.jpg  photo 02-A057-Modern Style_zps4kavicpl.jpg  photo 02-B001-Post-Modern Style_zps9bhujso0.jpg  photo 02-B002-Post-Modern Style_zpsrrupntg7.jpg  photo 02-B003-Post-Modern Style_zpsldy0iasd.jpg  photo 02-B004-Post-Modern Style_zps4qm5wcmv.jpg  photo 02-B005-Post-Modern Style_zpsjiknultl.jpg  photo 02-B006-Post-Modern Style_zpskk42ibs2.jpg  photo 02-B007-Post-Modern Style_zpsy3it9rtw.jpg  photo 02-B008-Post-Modern Style_zpsbkf7vysd.jpg  photo 02-B009-Post-Modern Style_zpsiofgdxzs.jpg  photo 02-B010-Post-Modern Style_zpsahuqp5gi.jpg  photo 02-C001-Chinese Style_zpsnsj4c3tt.jpg  photo 02-C002-Chinese Style_zpsrsbninl6.jpg  photo 02-C003-Chinese Style_zpsgkxp8bhl.jpg  photo 02-C004-Chinese Style1_zpsnmhtduzt.jpg  photo 02-C004-Chinese Style_zpsyllj5xhu.jpg  photo 02-C005-Chinese Style_zpsoecmqfim.jpg  photo 02-C006-Chinese Style_zpsqoswsyuh.jpg  photo 02-C007-Chinese Style_zpsdq7njepo.jpg  photo 02-C008-Chinese Style_zpsifiarijb.jpg  photo 02-C009-Chinese Style_zpsixmmuuma.jpg  photo 02-C010-Chinese Style_zpsy7h0ixgc.jpg  photo 02-C011-Chinese Style_zps5ixvgxz5.jpg  photo 02-C012-Chinese Style_zpsjbn15sfd.jpg  photo 02-C013-Chinese Style_zpspgvsdm9u.jpg  photo 02-C014-Chinese Style1_zpsfeat5dhp.jpg  photo 02-C014-Chinese Style_zps2wtmj0oz.jpg  photo 02-C015-Chinese Style_zpsbglz1iqc.jpg  photo 02-D001-European Style_zpsbtteg6vr.jpg  photo 02-E001-American Style_zpsh70d389p.jpg  photo 02-E002-American Style_zpsuatke5bb.jpg  photo 02-E003-American Style_zpsytctt68f.jpg  photo 02-E004-American Style_zpscayqsdlc.jpg  photo 02-E005-American Style_zpshsu2krpr.jpg  photo 02-H001-Industrial Style_zps2mzo36qr.jpg  photo 02-H002-Industrial Style1_zpsyloekkus.jpg  photo 02-H002-Industrial Style_zpspnzntjr6.jpg  photo 02-H003-Industrial Style_zpswi6ioecl.jpg  photo 02-H004-Industrial Style1_zpshtodzpzx.jpg  photo 02-H004-Industrial Style_zps310kluqe.jpg  photo 02-H005-Industrial Style1_zpszru557pd.jpg  photo 02-H005-Industrial Style_zpsvrgrj8s3.jpg  photo 02-H006-Industrial Style1_zpsbaus7khb.jpg  photo 02-H006-Industrial Style2_zpszfegjibz.jpg  photo 02-H006-Industrial Style_zpsm9gxdsuh.jpg  photo 02-H007-Industrial Style1_zpsrblmapbq.jpg  photo 02-H007-Industrial Style_zpslfjlwfbj.jpg  photo 02-H008-Industrial Style_zpsv3spszx9.jpg  photo 02-H009-Industrial Style_zpsjsoaoarn.jpg  photo 02-H010-Industrial Style_zpsgoqzmvgk.jpg  photo 02-H011-Industrial Style1_zpsryo3gdr1.jpg  photo 02-H011-Industrial Style_zpsj2gnre9e.jpg  photo 02-H012-Industrial Style1_zps4jv8x7pc.jpg  photo 02-H012-Industrial Style_zps3wu6seop.jpg  photo 02-H013-Industrial Style1_zps0loz45di.jpg  photo 02-H013-Industrial Style_zpst2snsktg.jpg  photo 02-H014-Industrial Style_zpsh1vitisq.jpg  photo 02-J001-Fusion Style_zps4cum2fb2.jpg  photo 02-J002-Fusion Style_zpst5djogca.jpg  photo 02-J003-Fusion Style_zpsfbk4ybaj.jpg  photo 02-J004-Fusion Style_zpsrnd9re2n.jpg  photo 02-J005-Fusion Style_zpsmxibqp4a.jpg  photo 02-J006-Fusion Style1_zpsb3i3akfl.jpg  photo 02-J006-Fusion Style_zpst3l1dwbt.jpg  photo 02-J007-Fusion Style_zpsho2g4lcl.jpg  photo 02-J008-Fusion Style_zpsm1klodpc.jpg  photo 02-J009-Fusion Style_zpsluhics32.jpg  photo 02-J010-Fusion Style_zpsrywqmote.jpg  photo 02-K001-Japanese Style_zpsb8tymtok.jpg  photo 02-L001-Tibetan Style_zpsz5dhblp9.jpg