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3DARCINTERIOR VOL 21 consists of 892 interior scenes with various designs and styles.

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Consists of 728 fully modeled and textured 3d model interiors with complete lighting and cameras setups for every scene. 

   All presented renders are with postproduction.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 4GB (8GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 20.6 GB in 728 files (.rar) (Unrar : 130 GB).

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d models, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains :
01 - Sales Offices (16 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 01
02 - Offices - Meeting - Reception (113 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 02
03 - Restaurants (48 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 03

04 - Restaurants - Cafe - Teahouse (113 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 04

05 - Suites Hotel (81 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 05

06 - Reception Hall (76 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 06

07 - Elevators & Corridor (30 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 07

08 - Shop (31 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 08

09 - KTV - Bar - Sauna (128 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 09

10 - Club (36 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 10

11 - Other (56 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 11

… and lots of other interior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
  •  *.max (3ds Max 2010 or higher, 3DS MAX 2016 64bit recommended)

03 - Restaurants (48)
 photo 03-A001-Modern Style_zpswr8wmzcz.jpg  photo 03-B001-Post-Modern Style_zpscmkmhb09.jpg  photo 03-B002-Post-Modern Style_zps3fn7ywml.jpg  photo 03-B003-Post-Modern Style_zpstbxkoikw.jpg  photo 03-B004-Post-Modern Style_zpsrbhllsnn.jpg  photo 03-B005-Post-Modern Style_zpszyn6h26x.jpg  photo 03-C001-Chinese Style_zpsfnyltpiu.jpg  photo 03-C002-Chinese Style_zpsla2qmcy6.jpg  photo 03-C003-Chinese Style_zpsuywigwc4.jpg  photo 03-C004-Chinese Style_zpszuwz0gii.jpg  photo 03-C005-Chinese Style_zpswbbfqb7y.jpg  photo 03-C006-Chinese Style_zpsrta4jfjg.jpg  photo 03-C007-Chinese Style_zpscouob1nz.jpg  photo 03-C008-Chinese Style_zpswzuehrpd.jpg  photo 03-C009-Chinese Style_zpsodizx1qf.jpg  photo 03-C010-Chinese Style1_zpsv8wvikfc.jpg  photo 03-C010-Chinese Style_zpshnhrw1ip.jpg  photo 03-C011-Chinese Style_zpsbtgbtsko.jpg  photo 03-C012-Chinese Style_zpspnin5urz.jpg  photo 03-C013-Chinese Style_zps0q84mp17.jpg  photo 03-C014-Chinese Style_zps6yjfbgpr.jpg  photo 03-C015-Chinese Style_zpsbs9usprr.jpg  photo 03-C016-Chinese Style_zpsdevsj2by.jpg  photo 03-C017-Chinese Style1_zpsghi2jvda.jpg  photo 03-C017-Chinese Style2_zpsmsvft6e6.jpg  photo 03-C017-Chinese Style_zpsliix6zuo.jpg  photo 03-D001-European Style_zps9zhqphxm.jpg  photo 03-D002-European Style_zpsh3hxspyo.jpg  photo 03-D003-European Style_zpszg11xays.jpg  photo 03-D004-European Style_zpsm5gpx4ft.jpg  photo 03-E001-American Style_zpsbkbdjccy.jpg  photo 03-F001-Southeast Asian Style_zpschnf38jz.jpg  photo 03-F002-Southeast Asian Style_zpssaoivkkq.jpg  photo 03-F003-Southeast Asian Style_zpsvv27zfli.jpg  photo 03-F004-Southeast Asian Style_zps3saesexr.jpg  photo 03-H001-Industrial Style_zpsauni5nia.jpg  photo 03-J001-Fusion Style_zpskjne7dgj.jpg  photo 03-J002-Fusion Style1_zpslvqgjmp9.jpg  photo 03-J002-Fusion Style_zps6joipqgu.jpg  photo 03-J003-Fusion Style_zpsylzxhoni.jpg  photo 03-J004-Fusion Style_zps1w8xipnz.jpg  photo 03-J005-Fusion Style_zps0b9v7zec.jpg  photo 03-J006-Fusion Style_zpsomtjnigd.jpg  photo 03-J007-Fusion Style_zpsawqhjiav.jpg  photo 03-J008-Fusion Style_zpshcfqi3tm.jpg  photo 03-J009-Fusion Style_zpsjxfv3gq7.jpg  photo 03-J010-Fusion Style_zpsj40s0suz.jpg  photo 03-J011-Fusion Style_zpsfmfokoh7.jpg  photo 03-J012-Fusion Style_zpset63gx26.jpg  photo 03-J013-Fusion Style_zpstzxsixyp.jpg  photo 03-J014-Fusion Style_zpsgwwlans1.jpg  photo 03-J015-Fusion Style_zpsbj2wgkui.jpg