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3DARCINTERIOR VOL 21 consists of 892 interior scenes with various designs and styles.

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Consists of 728 fully modeled and textured 3d model interiors with complete lighting and cameras setups for every scene. 

   All presented renders are with postproduction.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 4GB (8GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 20.6 GB in 728 files (.rar) (Unrar : 130 GB).

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d models, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains :
01 - Sales Offices (16 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 01
02 - Offices - Meeting - Reception (113 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 02
03 - Restaurants (48 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 03

04 - Restaurants - Cafe - Teahouse (113 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 04

05 - Suites Hotel (81 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 05

06 - Reception Hall (76 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 06

07 - Elevators & Corridor (30 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 07

08 - Shop (31 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 08

09 - KTV - Bar - Sauna (128 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 09

10 - Club (36 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 10

11 - Other (56 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 11

… and lots of other interior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
  •  *.max (3ds Max 2010 or higher, 3DS MAX 2016 64bit recommended)

05 - Suites Hotel (81)
 photo 05-A001-Modern Style_zps3the5ldo.jpg  photo 05-A002-Modern Style_zpswmcbco06.jpg  photo 05-A003-Modern Style_zps0q8pwa2b.jpg  photo 05-A004-Modern Style1_zpspitwz6nb.jpg  photo 05-A004-Modern Style_zpswqcoaz5y.jpg  photo 05-A005-Modern Style_zpskx8c8kyn.jpg  photo 05-A006-Modern Style_zpsmh09rxi5.jpg  photo 05-A007-Modern Style_zps7jk0v0mk.jpg  photo 05-A008-Modern Style_zps0tcmmyi9.jpg  photo 05-A009-Modern Style_zps4hazi0mb.jpg  photo 05-A010-Modern Style_zpsra6shttu.jpg  photo 05-A011-Modern Style_zps7syqfybu.jpg  photo 05-A012-Modern Style_zpsdydlj7vb.jpg  photo 05-A013-Modern Style_zps6wryyhiq.jpg  photo 05-A014-Modern Style_zpsqfdhyowy.jpg  photo 05-A015-Modern Style_zpssqoswy1l.jpg  photo 05-A016-Modern Style_zpszmy8r97t.jpg  photo 05-A017-Modern Style_zpsgdeba5a9.jpg  photo 05-A018-Modern Style_zpsvygddtkm.jpg  photo 05-A019-Modern Style_zpswgi2jrqd.jpg  photo 05-A020-Modern Style_zps9t2jq6zm.jpg  photo 05-A021-Modern Style_zpsdqzhhsnp.jpg  photo 05-A022-Modern Style_zpsmjxoy4kw.jpg  photo 05-A023-Modern Style_zpsnfuzwhsi.jpg  photo 05-A024-Modern Style_zps49jnjud5.jpg  photo 05-A025-Modern Style_zpswyzehrko.jpg  photo 05-A026-Modern Style_zpsjlfpplod.jpg  photo 05-A027-Modern Style_zpsepb2qq3t.jpg  photo 05-A028-Modern Style_zpsdbsad28o.jpg  photo 05-A029-Modern Style_zpsyg125n1x.jpg  photo 05-A030-Modern Style_zpslbp0vqcf.jpg  photo 05-A031-Modern Style_zpsvngtnkhr.jpg  photo 05-A032-Modern Style_zpsna3bakfr.jpg  photo 05-A033-Modern Style_zpsbi0orwte.jpg  photo 05-B001-Post-Modern Style_zpsawx3txdt.jpg  photo 05-B002-Post-Modern Style_zps86hi2j1c.jpg  photo 05-B003-Post-Modern Style_zps3rrdwp85.jpg  photo 05-B004-Post-Modern Style_zpsumv3dl4w.jpg  photo 05-B005-Post-Modern Style_zpsug5hhkej.jpg  photo 05-B006-Post-Modern Style_zpsgeypeegg.jpg  photo 05-B007-Post-Modern Style_zpso2jm0q7j.jpg  photo 05-B008-Post-Modern Style_zpsgq61myrq.jpg  photo 05-B009-Post-Modern Style_zpss1ab5tgq.jpg  photo 05-B010-Post-Modern Style_zpsiambmuff.jpg  photo 05-B011-Post-Modern Style_zpsc9cubaqh.jpg  photo 05-B012-Post-Modern Style_zpstrdipf57.jpg  photo 05-B013-Post-Modern Style_zpsvxyztv4u.jpg  photo 05-B014-Post-Modern Style_zps3begn8vz.jpg  photo 05-B015-Post-Modern Style_zpslgfqpvjq.jpg  photo 05-B016-Post-Modern Style_zpsqntwj1o8.jpg  photo 05-C001-Chinese Style_zpstulsruwf.jpg  photo 05-C002-Chinese Style_zpsljiml8fa.jpg  photo 05-C003-Chinese Style_zpsemwdrpxd.jpg  photo 05-C004-Chinese Style_zpsbvllmazo.jpg  photo 05-C005-Chinese Style_zpsuu7dern4.jpg  photo 05-C006-Chinese Style_zpswrysxvxq.jpg  photo 05-C007-Chinese Style_zpsnyjngsrp.jpg  photo 05-C008-Chinese Style_zpsjp6u6nur.jpg  photo 05-C009-Chinese Style_zpsjw88kvsl.jpg  photo 05-C010-Chinese Style_zps8styiosg.jpg  photo 05-C011-Chinese Style_zpshpgpygyx.jpg  photo 05-C012-Chinese Style_zpsnstzxshu.jpg  photo 05-D001-European Style_zpsxjtxhkfx.jpg  photo 05-D002-European Style_zpsgvr0hqwo.jpg  photo 05-D003-European Style_zpssgksgsqn.jpg  photo 05-E001-American Style_zpsmsobqbna.jpg  photo 05-F001-Southeast Asian Style_zpse6zevx2m.jpg  photo 05-H001-Industrial Style_zpszpozkuj0.jpg  photo 05-H002-Industrial Style_zpsrq5jwljn.jpg  photo 05-J001-Fusion Style_zpsyotshmvl.jpg  photo 05-J002-Fusion Style_zpsrrk6zz1t.jpg  photo 05-J003-Fusion Style_zpst1uvxygx.jpg  photo 05-J004-Fusion Style_zpscciialin.jpg  photo 05-J005-Fusion Style_zpsm3mwm5dz.jpg  photo 05-J006-Fusion Style_zpsnqnerwtl.jpg  photo 05-J007-Fusion Style_zpsnpn8gixz.jpg  photo 05-J008-Fusion Style1_zps45u9kfmk.jpg  photo 05-J008-Fusion Style2_zpsgrtmnvon.jpg  photo 05-J008-Fusion Style_zpssx4ih3l4.jpg  photo 05-J009-Fusion Style_zps1xeqgs7w.jpg  photo 05-J010-Fusion Style_zpsgmoh9iqc.jpg  photo 05-J011-Fusion Style_zpsvrrnfthb.jpg  photo 05-J012-Fusion Style_zpssm2axd14.jpg  photo 05-M001-Other Style_zpsc6widn2p.jpg