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3DARCINTERIOR VOL 23 consists of 1031 interior scenes with various designs and styles.

   This collection is designed for architectural visualizations made in 3ds MAX. Consists of 1004 fully modeled and textured 3d model interiors with complete lighting and cameras setups for every scene. 

   All presented renders are with postproduction.

   Minimum system specification: Quad Core PC with 4GB (8GB recommended) of ram and 64bit system.

Total size : 44.7 GB in 1004 files (.rar) (Unrar : 254 GB).

   3DArcShop provides royalty free 3d models, our libraries can be used as part of commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

This collection contains :

1 - Living Room (417 files) : 

2 - Kitchen & Dining Room (151 files) CLICK TO PAGE 08

3 - Bedroom (255 files) :

4 - Bathrooms (65 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 13

5 - Study (63 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 14

6 - Other (53 files) : CLICK TO PAGE 15

… and lots of other interior scenes, you can see more images below or download attached catalogue.

Available formats :

  •  V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
  •  *.max (3ds Max 2010 or higher, 3DS MAX 2016 64bit recommended)

 photo 001Modern_zpslnm51fiw.jpg  photo 002Modern_zpsjpc84rlv.jpg  photo 003Modern_zpsp5fkqtui.jpg  photo 004Modern_zpsvt6rtecu.jpg  photo 005Modern_zpsmxesrrzv.jpg  photo 006Modern_zpsnt33p76e.jpg  photo 007Modern_zpsw29rasbd.jpg  photo 008Modern_zpsj4jgwlb3.jpg  photo 009Modern_zpshrzhow9j.jpg  photo 010Modern_zpshexshagw.jpg  photo 011Modern_zps2avfhfhv.jpg  photo 012Modern_zps40omra3n.jpg  photo 013Modern_zpsetvpcv93.jpg  photo 014Postmodern_zpswflw5plt.jpg  photo 015Postmodern_zpsv5ich2g3.jpg  photo 016Postmodern_zps1errypss.jpg  photo 017Chinese_zpsezecitcg.jpg  photo 018Chinese_zpsxwqa6hhq.jpg  photo 019Chinese_zpsn9vcmizt.jpg  photo 020Chinese_zpstlntifne.jpg  photo 021Chinese_zpsyv5n7uxc.jpg  photo 022Chinese_zpsrfjugci6.jpg  photo 023Chinese_zpsjiwj0ddv.jpg  photo 024Chinese_zpsnqlapgt5.jpg  photo 025Chinese_zpsdoravfn9.jpg  photo 026Chinese_zpskboogun0.jpg  photo 027Chinese_zpsafj842xf.jpg  photo 028Chinese_zpsntaakswe.jpg  photo 029Chinese_zpsa99genlc.jpg  photo 030Chinese_zpswu42mugu.jpg  photo 031Chinese_zps8q1bgd9h.jpg  photo 032Chinese_zpsf4licoc9.jpg  photo 033Chinese_zpsutldqmx3.jpg  photo 034Chinese_zps5wfsmmoh.jpg  photo 035Chinese_zps0xgk4mby.jpg  photo 036Chinese_zpsyujlssmn.jpg  photo 037Chinese_zpsp3xabfle.jpg  photo 038Chinese_zpsugymsqel.jpg  photo 039Chinese_zpsyukzytrr.jpg  photo 040Chinese_zpselx1z0og.jpg  photo 041Chinese_zpsbszgdmkt.jpg  photo 042Chinese_zpsnnrpt6tw.jpg  photo 043Chinese 1_zpsvfb9s3qo.jpg  photo 043Chinese_zpsujswvgso.jpg  photo 044Chinese_zpsrpma0aoo.jpg  photo 045Chinese_zpsw0z3gkjk.jpg  photo 046Chinese_zpsmhp7pjgj.jpg  photo 047Chinese_zpsercceyax.jpg  photo 048Chinese_zpsyre5xo1j.jpg  photo 049Chinese_zpssy7hbbnd.jpg  photo 050European_zpsnirx7ca0.jpg  photo 051European_zpsssq8eryf.jpg  photo 052American_zpsy8prmjpp.jpg  photo 053American_zpsdtuv7pb8.jpg  photo 054American_zpsxpssubo2.jpg  photo 055Southeast Asian_zpswil4uuzy.jpg  photo 056Southeast Asian_zpsdupkooam.jpg  photo 057Mediterranean_zps0hslfhfk.jpg  photo 058Industrial_zpsjoyx0kdl.jpg  photo 059Mix_zpsdwgoztwt.jpg  photo 060Mix_zpsvhl5pvsx.jpg  photo 061Mix_zpsgadu6ah9.jpg  photo 062Mix_zpsjmnz4ckh.jpg  photo 063Nordic_zps0xbnvxy7.jpg