Architecture beautiful home in Greece

Located among the olive groves on the islands of Greece, the architects sought to create a connection with the local surroundings. Designing for the villas are inspired and designed in a unique way, not like the traditional residential architecture here. According to the architects, the residence appears to increase the presence of the works here, the distance covered is vacant land and the best views towards the sea.

The project was developed specifically for the two brothers and their families, so that it can accommodate two houses seem to "twin". Integrate them in the topography of the landscape is a challenge: "The houses on the ground and shaped like an elongated rectangle, bioclimatic design principle of using the holes on the sides, communication wind and shadow. The roof tilt many layers that make up a single room space at its highest point, with an open balcony that faces the interior of the residence. This final level also the glass with the opening segment that eliminates warm air by drawing it. "Have a look at the photos below and let us know your thoughts!

(Photo : Internet)

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