Carlton Totemic Cabinet

This notable and avant-garde furniture piece was work of Ettore Sottsass , one of the most influential designers of the 20th Century. Carlton was designed for Memphis Design Studio in 1981. Memphis Design group was openly against arrogance and tyranny , modernism and functionality and especially against bourgeois ''good taste''. During 1980's they were famous for design of nonconformist furniture. Carlton cabinet and room divider was created as rebellion against aesthetic of conformism and design clichés. 


Carlton room divider is their most outspoken and iconic furniture piece. Its design was extremely provocative and shocking, but in the same time it was exciting, fresh and new. Traditional wall shelving , with usual horizontal and vertical lines, is turned into dynamic, vivid and multipurpose structure. Carefully matched colors, structure based on the imaginary rhombus , ornamentation, expressive totemic feature. The entire color spectrum was used : yellow, blue, green, rose, orange and of-course, black and white. But that's not the end . Base of this cabinet is the story itself. At first glance there is a pattern with dots, but when you look more closely it shows specific pattern, ornamentation of bacteria world, seen under microscope!


On all malicious comments Sottsass used to answer with question : ''Who, when and with which arguments ordered designers that shelves and cabinets must have only horizontal and vertical partitions, or that chair must have the same four legs?'' . Of course, there is no conceivable answer.


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