Channel speaker, BeoLab 90 and the wireless music system BeoSound 35

This year marks the Bang & Olufsen 90 years and it is now launching the loudspeaker BeoLab 90 and the wireless music system, BeoSound 35th. BeoLab 90 is equipped with Bang & Olufsen's new technology, Active Room Compensation, which compensates for the effect on the sound of the room design, furniture, placement of the speakers and your listening position. It makes the sound experience can be staged with such precision that you hear exactly where the individual band members or actors in your favorite movie is.

BeoLab 90 provides the unique technology Beam Width Control, which allows you to change the width of ljudkäglan to suit different listening positions. You can easily change the sound experience from being directed at a "sweet spot" for setting the party across the room, through the touch of a button. When family and friends gather for a movie experience, makes the wide sound setting that you get a superb cinematic look.
360º design is based on a complex aluminum cabinet containing a total of more than 65 kg of aluminum, making that the design is stable as a rock. The black tyghöljena hover like sails in front of the speakers, and the curved träfoten lifting the entire structure from the floor.

BeoSound 35 has a characteristic design with a slim form that is based on a lightweight pentagonal structure and a front that has been covered by black cloth - and it has an impressive wingspan of one meter. BeoSound 35 creates an audio experience with perfect balance in 180-degree angle from the speaker and distribute the sound throughout the room. The speaker pentagonal shape ensures that you get the optimum sound regardless of the speaker is located - on the table or attached to the wall at any height and angle. BeoSound 35 functions as a standalone music system with integrated access TuneIn radio stations, Spotify and Deezer or any device where you store your music collection.
It also has an intuitive touch-sensitive edge, where the main function buttons located just below the OLED display. In fact, you do not even need to see the display to control the BeoSound 35. Music system can be controlled via BeoRemote One or BeoMusic app and integrates seamlessly via BeoLink Multiroom system in the home. BeoSound 35 also works with AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA-based devices.
The system is available in Bang & Olufsen stores in mid-April 2016 for a suggested retail price of £ 21,995.

(Photo: Bang & Olufsen)

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