DESIGN LETTERS & FRIENDS WITH Arne Jacobsen in the lead role

On February 24, held a press event in Copenhagen Design Letters & Friends at the top of the world's first designer hotel - the SAS Royal Hotel. A new chapter in Letters Design history with an old friend in the leading role - Arne Jacobsen. The new collections "Flowers" and "AJ Royal Vintage" that represent two very different sides of the famous Danish architect.
Arne Jacobsen is world famous for its simple architectural functionalism as manifested in one of its iconic buildings, the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. But alongside that, he is also an extremely talented artist who has created a large number of watercolors and floral motifs. With the finest brush painted Arne Jacobsen flowering fields, streams and horses bathed in a lake. Design Letters have got the rights to these novel and highly distinctive floral designs and launches a new design collection under the name "Flowers" by Arne Jacobsen. In addition, also launched "Ouch Royal Vintage" - a new range of designer's original accessories, specially created for the SAS Royal Hotel.
AJ Royal Vintage
SAS Royal Hotel was built in 1960 and Arne Jacobsen designed as the now classic furniture "Egg" and "Swan". Design Icons today! Now launched an oval vase Arne Jacobsen-designed when the restaurant and bar. The original was silver and it has been through cartoons and drawings re-created it. We like that it has a narrow opening is satisfied only with a single flower. The green color is inspired by the wall color in the room 606. We have the green vase at home and it is truly a jewel and already a favorite with us. It is made of steel and virtually unbreakable. Added to this is also a lovely blanket and a diary that is built on the geometric patterns on the basis of carpet available on the second floor.
It is the beautiful flower 'white anemone "which has been the focus of this collection, which was painted in the 1940's. In the collection you will find duvet covers, pillow cases and bedspreads. It was enough to sweep your hand over the fabric to feel the lovely quality that really is to-die-for. In addition to this a tough paper collection.
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