Sand, wood, stone, paper and clay are some of the natural surfaces and structures found in the wallpaper collection Beyond Colour. "Eco Wallpaper. The collection includes 14 patterns. Sense of wood is the pattern that really takes the forest to our living area and create a three-dimensional feel with long shabby wooden planks. It is available in two different colors. A lighter wood and one with a more grayish surface. Another of the designs named Clay and is available in seven different shimmering surfaces similar to clay and consists of several layers and tones depending on the angle and light. A third pattern is called Wrinkle poetry and is a playful pattern with the feeling of thin light paper that curled itself and created waves on the walls.
Available in stores from May 4 and will cost between 339 and 469 per roll.
Ps. Take the opportunity while on checking the "Decorate with feeling".
There, Frida Trendenser and Pella Hedeby from Style & Inspiration, giving jättefina tips!

(Photo: Eco Wallpaper)

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