Fashion meets interior! IKEA in collaboration with katie eary

Temporary collection VALID is the first in a series of collaborations between IKEA and fashion designers in the forefront. Submitted for valid, the British fashion designer Katie Eary who with his fearless color combinations and patterns insubordinate keen to make your eyes sting.
An object may be, it is amazing enough, transform an entire room. And it should be easy to get hold of such objects. There are two reasons for IKEA and Katie Eary wanted to try Katies patterns on textiles and decor items.
- A good home is not about having a lot of flashy gadgets. It is about having things that complement your personality. In this way, it is like stepping into a person's brain when you visit a home, says Katie Eary.
- We can learn a lot of fashion designers and how they work with color, prints, patterns and shapes. They must constantly renew themselves and their work. They are accustomed to being at the forefront in the development of printoch color technology, says Henrik Most, creative director at IKEA of Sweden.
Exciting and fun, we think
VALID temporary collection sold at all Swedish IKEA stores from 15/4, 2016

(Photo: IKEA)

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