Today is Friday and again "Friday Five".

Today is Friday and again "Friday Five". Today we have the pleasure to take a closer look at the company Cable Cup. Many of us know them for their smart canopy that revolted market in 2010 where it was nominated for "Best thing" by Design Square, and won both the Red Dot Awards and Swedish Design Awards.

In February this year, the Stockholm Furniture Fair CableCup launched a series of new products and expanded its range of products 3-14 clever and innovative beslysningslösningar. They can now also boast of offering its customers functional and stylish lampupphängen.

During the fair showed CableCup also raised its latest ceiling rose, CableCup Atmos is a appstyrd canopy to existing or newly purchased light. With a CableCup Atmos can both dimming and setting the scene directly through the app. Cool, we say :)

When designs Jonas Forsman (which designed for Moooi, Innermost and IKEA) and Lars Wettre (with brands such as Siemens, Volvo and Scania in the trunk) took out lampupphängen they wanted to see that they had a long life and even solve a function to namely to easily hang on a lampshade.

CableCup also launched a small pendant lamp Loop by CableCup which is height adjustable, where design and materials unite to make it more functional. A recognition factor for Cable Cup's design is that it offers something beyond the traditional function. We like that :)

Ps. All Cable Cups lampupphängen are made of silicone, both cable and casing and comes in the colors black, white and nude.

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We took the opportunity to make five quick to designer Jonas Forsman!

1.Lyssnar on any particular music or song when you want to get in a creative mood?

So some music as possible allows me to work well and think creatively. The only thing that can seep into is when they practice classical music at the music school opposite my office.

2.Each, your furnishings and design interest come from?

My father started building their own furniture because it was economical. I continued on that line and think probably right financially in terms of design. (Sounds MORTAL but the challenge is to still create a sense despite the simplicity)

3. Which design (furniture, art, architecture) you wish you had designed?

The Opera House in Oslo. Democratic design and very beautiful.

4.What happens in the Easter weekend?

Sleep and a fun outdoor activity is all I hope for. One evening we revel enough Mandeville add, delicious candy that is.

5.Has you have some projects going on right now?

In addition to being on maternity leave, I project for EFG, a sofa. Then I have just joined a welding course, which means that I am now trying to get together a good prototype of a desk lamp, I went and figured in a long time.

Have a great Friday!

(Photo: Cable Cup)

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