Studio Into Concrete always leading the trend in furniture design. Products of both aesthetic studio useful medium is created by the combination of concrete, Chicago art, design and creativity. Currently, IntoConcrete are strongly focused on developing product lines fixed luxurious interiors include ceiling lights and table lamps Ideeal.
InnoConcrete has received international attention for the groundbreaking of Corvi Wine Cooler products. The lamp was honored to equip the press room at Maison & Object Americas event, held in Miami Beach. These lamp designs that are timeless elegantly of Inno Concrete.

Share your design, designers Terreng Clement said: "Concrete is an excellent material. It can become hard as stone, but may look fragile as porcelain. When we started started working with special materials, we quickly realized its potential, and the more we can create them unlimited ".
Indeed, the inspiration for the design on the lamp Ideeal come very suddenly. Terreng was enthralled by the contours and shape characteristics of onion and mount it with the beauty of the interior of the 60s the last century that we can see in the James Bond film series. These lamps classic beauty, reminiscent of the lamp factory enameled ago. With charm made of concrete are combined parts crystals diffuse and are accented with woven cable brought a modern style mixed with classic strokes.

Through the design of this lamp, Concrete Home Design has helped push the boundaries of design, color and texture of the old interior design. These lamps are examples showing Ideeal creativity when they have created a very subtle light concrete from hardening materials.

(Photo : Internet)

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