In May 2016 IKEA presents a range that makes it possible to affirm the growing desire even if you live in a city without access to the garden and a balcony. The new range farming based on hydroponics, a technique that involves plants and vegetables grown in water, without soil. With the supply of nutrients and the right kind of light makes aquacultural it possible to grow in small indoor spaces, not only in spring and summer, but year round. In the new range from IKEA are all that is required from sowing to harvesting homegrown basil, pak choi and 16 other kinds of herbs and leafy vegetables. The culture system was developed in collaboration with researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural!
Cultivation fans that we are, we were very excited when we read about this :) big thumbs up IKEA.
Sales start: May 2016



(Press photos: IKEA)

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