KINDERGARTEN built on children's drawings

In 2011, the COBE Architects won the competition to build Frederiksvej Preschool. Kindergarten is the largest in Copenhagen and has been developed in collaboration with landscape architect Preben Skaarup and engineer Søren Jensen. The building consists of 11 small house-shaped blocks organized around two winter gardens. Each of these volumes having a single peaked roof and seemingly frameless window. A simple expression, like a caricature of how a child can draw a house. The main house includes a kitchenette, cradles, children's playroom and baby-changing facilities. Two conservatories located in the middle of the complex, and is used to connect the different floors and the group room. These halls also serve as central gathering places where informal meetings and group activities can take place. Stylish and inspiring, we think.

(Photo: Dezeen)

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