Now begins the spring news to show up our inbox and we got to see these lovely news from Lagerhaus 2016 spring collection has been divided into three different styles :) Glad we think!
Fresh Start - blues, "dirty" pastels and beautiful patterns begin spring on Lagerhaus. New storage supplemented with blocks, calendars and affischer.För to expedite the spring we fill windows, shelves and tables with lush plants in pots and hanging baskets.
Affordable News - inspired by nature. The range consists among others of products in terracotta and exciting glazes, small windows, lamps and patterned carpets. 80s inspires with strong colors and "crazy" pattern example in spring's hottest Icon, PALMEN.
Wake up - we focus on how we socialize around the dinner table. The goal is to make every meal a little happier. With kitchen textiles and patterned plates with watercolor feel, splash and handwritten typography gets everyday a special flavor.
The range comes in during the January to March in 2016.
(Press photos: Lagerhaus)

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