Little Ant

Chair with characteristic and striking waist narrowing  and three tiny legs , affectionately called Ant,  is one of the most selling chairs in furniture history. It all began in 1952, when Arne Jacobsen created this chair for the Novo Nordisk cafeteria in Denmark. It was designed to be small, light and stackable to maximize space. It was the first plywood chair with single, unified seat and back unit. 

It was revolutionary design, but Ant was not an immediate hit when first launched by Fritz Hansen in 1952. It was an extremely brave thing to launch such a chair. Chair has only THREE legs and NO arm rests. It almost ended as prototype.  Jacobsen idea was to make the chair with 3 legs to make it easier for people to sit around a table, without banging into each other or the furniture. There was less chance of the legs getting tangled ,but it had a surprising impact with cases of injuries relating to falling off chairs, within two months of its launch in the U.S. 
In the late 1970's three legged chair was finally re-designed to have four legs instead.  This version quickly became the more popular choice for homes and businesses.

This famous chair , crowned with numerous awards, was in the middle of political scandal during 1960's, that nearly led to fall of the British Government. In 1963 was revealed indecent love affair between prominent member of British Parliament , John Profumo, and call girl Christine Keeler. Iconic photograph of this beautiful, naked woman, sitting backwards on the Ant chair imitation, shook the world .
Who would know why photographer , shooting a certain call girl, chose this particular chair? Maybe any other chair wouldn't have exposed that much....

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