Old church turned into a colorful skateboard park

What happens if you hand over a 100-year old church into an artist and gives him free rein? When born a colorful indoor skate park called La Iglesia Skate. Church is located in the Spanish municipality Llanera. Chaos Temple, as it is called, has become a destination for skateboarders around the world with his one-of-a-kind interiors painted by the artist Okuda San Miguel.
The church was in really bad condition when it launched an online campaign to raise money in hopes of funding to nurture and transform it into a skate park and cultural events.
Madrid-based street artist Okuda San Miguel visited the church at the end of 2014, and was impressed by what they had done with the space. He visualized a concept for the space available (walls and roof) and he took out the recurring figure, his iconic Chaos Star. The star is a colorful and asymmetric compass that is supposed to say it does not matter where you are or what you do, just follow your own direction for reaching your goals. This led to a project called, Chaos Temple. For seven days he painted the walls and ceiling like a modern Michelangelo! Other church was inaugurated on December 10 and the new church is like a kaleidoscope of colors that give new life to a once rundown church. tour.
La Iglesia Skate produced by ink movement and Iniciativas Habitat, in collaboration with the Church Brigade. The project was sponsored by Red Bull, as well as Miller Division, Montana Colors and Socketines.

(Photo: http://laiglesiaskate.com)

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