RENOVATED second with wonderful description

Right now this nice little second to the sale of 55 squares. Gorgeous styling but above all a wonderful description of the apartment from Please copy me. It made us want to move in immediately. Read and enjoy.
It has started raining when the last guests leave the moving party. You hear them rattling down the steps before you close the door. The noise level goes from rippling to almost zero. From within your new second sings Hozier "From Eden". You delay you left a little in the bright hallway, gazing down upon the Moroccan tile floor. This was the just shoes helter-skelter, now is there a left umbrella and a scarf. You hang up the umbrella of brass rod, and fold the scarf on the hat rack. On the way to the kitchen binoculars you into the bedroom. After a long evening of impressions and snack and wine are plenty tired, but that cloud-soft bed to wait some more. First, you want to unwind, then take a shower in the bathroom next door. You hear how the man in your life has begun to hand wash the glasses. You step into the beautiful long room that the newly renovated kitchen and living room creates. On the kitchen counter balancing stacks of plates. You smile at each other. "More wine?" He asks. "Yes, why not?" You answer. "Wine not!" You laugh mildly. You bring glass into the "salon" - as several of the guests insisted on getting the call your new living room. You glide across the vitvaxade pine floor. You hear voices below the mullioned window, watch out. Your last guests have not come further. It is quiet at Landerigatan, and the trees glistening in the night rain. You put a piece of wood to the stove, and sink down on the sofa. Television shows something black and white of Édith Piaf. "You ?? Here we will thrive, "said the man from your kitchen. You raise your glass to the answer, and that answer says it all.

(Photo: 55 Squares)

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