Spring news at design house Stockholm 2016

Design House Stockholm is a favorite with us at Trend Stakeout. Their classic "Work Lamp" has been on our wish list for a long time. You have they come with a variety of fine spring news shot on the list. Among other nice closet and sideboard "Air", below, design Mathieu Gustafsson. A piece of furniture that usually are heavy and take place. But this is both lightweight and easy to position. It can also be used as a freestanding room divider or placed against a wall. Check out more news below!


The blanket "Curly" designed by Ulrika Mårtensson & Margot Barolo. They work in a wide range of clients such as IKEA, Swedish Pewter, and Rörstrand. Margot Barolo is a product designer who has delved into issues of production, challenges the image of Swedish craftsmanship and design industry and how we expect to create / design of an object. Ulrika Mårtensson is an architect and textile designer. She has worked with large-scale textile installations and the development of sound-absorbing textiles for public environments.

Greenhouses "Atelier"
Pillow "Knut" designed by Ragnheiður Osp Sigurðardóttir.
- I try to create unusual patterns; products that are unpredictable and that makes people curious. But it has been a long way to go when she began experimenting with tubular knitting on a machine for about five years ago. As a child I was in the Scouts, "she explains," and I was very good at making knots.

A collaboration between Nina Jobs and Kids Ark organization in northwestern Thailand, has led to great pillow Melange. Rita Holm Gustafsson and Allan Gustafsson started Kids Ark in 2000 in Chiang Mai province. It began as a sponsorship program. They wanted to make it possible for the orphans to go to school.
The chair "Wick", designed by Karl Malmvall with roots in Småland, where so much of the expertise of the Swedish furniture industry has developed.
(Photo: Design House Stockholm)

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