TREND - New mindset in furniture design

Here's a quick trend-spotting! We discover some new design concepts of late. The design company Tylko has created an App that provides a new way to design and buy furniture. Behind the idea is the Polish designer Hanna Kokczyńska and Jacek Majewski, contractor Benjamin Kuna, architect Mikolaj Molenda and designer Michal Piasecki. First up is the three minimalist products. As a customer change your parametra for the product as height, width, material and color. In order to fit so well in as possible in your home. Quite so smart right?
Next Trend Report, we have seen the Spanish Vitale Studio. Here you have joined a sofa with other furniture. This is a hybrid so far, but it has a Scandinavian feel clearly. This allows the user to change the product to what is best for their space.
Last but not least! The most of us are familiar with the Swedish design company SuperFront we are now. They have for some time taken until the fronts, sides, handdtag, legs, etc. to match KEA.s most famous cabinet frames.
So our reflection, this is the next new big trend of the furniture companies? Do you want to influence and shape your own furniture?
(Photo: Estudio Vitale)

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