VIPPS lighting range consists of five different lamps for every room. The lights are the result of more than 75 years of experience in metal work and a desire to rid the world of disposable products to instead fill it with timeless tool.
The main driving force behind the design of the development of LEDs has been to avoid the current trend of fixed light sources so that your lamp is out of date when lighting technology evolves. To ensure that VIPPS lamps are timeless, both aesthetically and functionally, they are adapted to rapid developments in LED lighting with a replaceable LED light source. "It allows you to continuously update your Tilt-light the best light quality and you get a lamp that you can keep for years to come," explains Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer at Vipp.
As Vipp want to create and express products that last are VIPPS first lighting range also the last. "We only do one kind of each product, it is not going to get a new lampkollektion in from Vipp next season. Once you've captured a good light, what is there to achieve with a lamp? "- Kasper Egelund, CEO on Vipp.
The lights are made of die-cast, powder coated aluminum with stainless steel. They have analog parts such as adjustable joints for focused lighting and finger screws to the correct position. Lamps metal surfaces fit together through the half-organic, rounded shapes and a fabric-covered silicone cord. This provides both an industrial and soft appearance. Optimal lighting is achieved through a combination of a perforated screen with a matte glass lens that subtly conceals the light source. This makes it possible to create a balance between a soft, diffuse lighting in the room and the light directed downward.
The VIPPS lighting range includes a table lamp, a wall lamp, a wall spotlight, a floor lamp and a ceiling lamp. They are available at select authorized Tilt dealer and on from November 2015th.

(Photo & Press Excerpts: VIPP)

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