Here are some new beautiful pictures from VIPP's shelter, a plug and play getaway on 52 m2. The house comes to your site in the form of a kit. You just need to lift a finger to the point where your shelter should stand. Meanwhile, arrange Vipp delivery, assembly and installation, price 4.5 million. Since 1939, when Holger Nielsen created a handy pedal bin to his wife's hair salon, Vipp has specialized in the manufacture of industrial objects or tools into everyday life. VIPPS shelter based on the same functional principles as the bucket is a tool to simply get away from the city and into the countryside.
- "We call it the five-star camping. A haven where everything is included from kitchens to lamps. Even the toilet brush comes with, "says Kasper Egelund, VIPPS CEO.
- Troubled stylish, we say "dream away"

(Photo: VIPP)

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