11 Sanitize STOVES

Many of us who yearn for a stove to warm himself inside when it is cold outside. We built the house a few years ago and a stove stood high on the list. The warmth and the feeling you get is indescribably beautiful and is a form of therapy for us. Here is some inspiration for you in warm thoughts.

Kamin from Rais Hera going to spin that can be used against various parts of the room.

Round stove 630T Contura.

Slim lines with fine design TermaTech.


This is the dream a natural center of the home. Here, a gas stove from Wanders.

A gas stove controlled by app from your phone, M-Design.

Lovely corner fireplace from Denver, Nordpeis.

Corner stove from RAIS.

Stove with large glass surfaces that are self-cleaning Jøtul

Special solutions are the easiest to get into if you have the opportunity to build a firewall.

Modestly from Danish Rais.och delicious Visio.

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