Cheerfully to welcome summer with bold nature Nordic house

A designer brings more subtleties and cheerful colors, creating living space for you to welcome the upcoming summer days

Characteristic of this style is minimalist beauty. So you need to minimize the
garish colors and unnecessary frills.

You don't necessarily have to choose monochromatic colors like white - pure black
While decorating the Nordic-style ...

... That you can choose bright colors but still ensure the gentle and
cool the living space.

Elegantly bedroom with blue accents typical cool style

Nordic room with bold nature accents of dark blue sofa.

Space dining room is decorated in Nordic style very soothing and relaxing.

Colors white and blue pastel bring comfort to the dining room is decorated
Scandinavian style

A large dark green carpet featured among the leading white space helps space
more elegant and cool blue.

Yellow sofa as an impressive landmark between bold nature Nordic home.

You can also mix the different style to create abundance for
their living space.

The red-orange rim chairs bring charm to the space is somewhat cold
the house decorated in Nordic style.

The highlight of the room impressed Nordic style is the carpets
floor coverings and seat cushions.

A little break from the warm colors will help the room style Nordic
become more attractive and more appealing.

Rustic brick walls gave this kitchen space to breath
Nordic bold nature.

The area of this apartment though modest but still very spacious with characteristic white color
Nordic style.

The various chairs of colors and designs with a copper lamp helps feed
dining area, Nordic style and personality become extremely important.

Furniture or wooden beams bring lightness and closeness to nature
the conspicuous features in the house Nordic style.
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